As previously communicated on the wastecrew messages thread, the 2022 WASTECREW BBQ will be hosted by the Garcia’s. The date is August 20, 3PM til the cows come home. The Garcia’s are providing the essentials but feel free to bring a plate or beverage of your choice.

The pool will not be open. Sorry Marcus.

Please RSVP your attendance so that the Garcia’s get a head count.


Wastecrew BBQ Events Throughout the Years

Julio’s Videos

Check out Julio’s Youtube Channel Videos. Especially his Quatro vids.

Cruz’s Videos

Check out Cruz’s Youtube Channel Videos. Especially his hockey vid.

2022 Phillies game

Philly Teams Throughout the Years

The Tables below show how your Philly teams have fared in the playoffs throughout the modern years

2021 Phillies Game

2021 Wastecrew BBQ

2019 Wastecrew BBQ Photos

JC told Cruz "you have hosted enough Wastecrew BBQ's! I will host this year" Cruz and Z were having none of that. They were looking forward to having the honor of hosting the crew. There were some new attendees which enlivened the event. The weather could...

2018 Wastecrew BBQ Photos

It was ABSOLUTELY POURING RAIN! Julio asked Marcus for a rain date and Mikey was considering staying at the apartment. Mother Nature wasn't going to stop the 2018 Wastecrew BBQ. Well, due to heavy rain we never got to BBQ. The gathering was mostly indoors...

SuperBowl Champions

2017 Wastecrew BBQ Photos and Videos

Hosted by Peter & Annie Garcia

2017 Phillies Game

2016 Wastecrew BBQ Photos and Videos

Hosted by JC & Amy Casiano   click on the thumbnails to view the VIDEOS click on the thumbnails to view the VIDEOS

Awesome Spawesome Links

Latest Yearly BBQ Photos and Team Pages

The watescrew was established in 1984 by Cruz and Marcus. Through the years membership has increased.

We have all enjoyed annual get-togethers (initiated by Julio in 2006) and Eagle games family gatherings.

Live long and prosper!

Days remaining for these wastecrew members to retire at age 65!





The Members Circa 2021

Charlie Santiago

Charlie Santiago

PECO Electrician

Cruz Mejias

Cruz Mejias


Miguel Mejias

Miguel Mejias

Tech Support

Julio Casiano

Julio Casiano


JC Casiano

JC Casiano

Office Fascilities

Marcus Perez

Marcus Perez

RETIRED Mad Scientist

Peter Garcia

Peter Garcia

RETIRED Self Employed Plumber

Rene Jimenez

Rene Jimenez

Retired Building Maintenance

Ralph Fernandez

Ralph Fernandez

Finance Guru