2023 Football Game Hosting Photos

Game 1 Hosted by Cruz & Zenaida

The Eagles were coming off a Superbowl loss last season and preparing for another Super Bowl run. The off-season was good to the birds with Howie Roseman making some excellent draft picks and free agent acquisitions. This Eagles team is highly rated and is being chosen as the NFC representatives in the Super Bowl!

This was an ugly game, especially for Jalen Hurts, but the Eagles managed to pull out a 25 – 20 win. Marcus and I deemed it the Kenny Gainwell show since it seemed like he was the only running back getting the ball. The next day we found that he got hurt. Duh! Deandre Swift got one carry.

There was a wrinkle on this game day. It was pouring all day and at half time we were hailed to go upstairs to eat. Shockingly, water was leaking in through the basement wall. It took most of us over 1/2 hour to dry it out. All hands on deck.

Ralph was later quoted as saying “This is the first time I have watched a football game that was interrupted by a rain delay!”