You Wastes! Welcome to the quiz page.

I have started this page for the sole purpose of entertainment in these unprecedented virus (Covid-19) times. You will be requested to take part in random quizzes and share the results in our Messages thread. The initial goal of these quizzes is to get a testing knowledge of your memories regarding wastecrew endeavours. Some questions may not apply to you in any way but it is quite possible that at some point, you may have been made aware about them. Take your best guess. 🙂

I hope to add more quizzes to this page and would absolutely entertain your contributions. If you have an idea for a quiz, I highly encourage you to develop it and ask me to implement it on the site. SEND QUIZ TO CRUZ

Please do not cheat by googling information to get answers. Where is the fun in that?

Make sure to send your quiz results to the crew via our group Messages thread and don’t think about cheating, Cruz has the actual quiz results… Sike!


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