This is the second installment of the wastecrew quiz and there are 2 new disparate quizzes. Make sure to take both.

Some questions may be specific to a crew member and easily answered by that individual. Have an exclusive question, send it to Cruz and do not complain if someone beats you to it. Don’t be an Anti Masker, Karen/Ken, Sovereign or Moorish Citizen!

#1. Rene jogged backwards eating a...

#2. Rene kept the meatballs and gave the Spaghetti to?

#3. Rene put the spaghetti in the homeless guys...

#4. Which statements have been said by a WC member?

Select all that apply:

#5. Description Marcus used when advertising his Honda Civic for sale?

#6. Who got everyone sick at the Eagles SB win?

#7. Name the drink that sickened JC at Rene's bachelor party?

#8. Pete popped the motorcycles clutch and destroyed...

#9. Where was the Berreta's door ripped off?

#10. She said "Put another quarter in Big Boy"...