#1. What color was the Beretta?

#2. Who made this statement: My socks cost more than your face?

#3. Who Caught the Relleno?

#4. At Peter's Bachelor Event: What drink did Rene order at the Biker Bar?

#5. What was the name of the Biker Bar?

#6. True or False: Did Julio say "I will smoke weed, day one of my retirement"!

#7. Who wore a trash bag at Cramp School basketball court?

#8. Name the Location: "Where you always find a friend".

#9. Who found Peter's stolen Mazda Miata?

#10. Who pushed Julio down the steps?

Select all that apply:

#11. Who's dog did Marcus drop kick?

#12. Which one of these did not play tennis with the crew?

#13. What did JC say to Cruz before burning his wrist?